Offshore VPS Hosting

Now you can harness the flexibility and freedom of an offshore dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. With MADDOG’s offshore Virtual Private Server (offshore VPS), your ultimate solution has arrived. Our offshore VPS packages come with the cPanel control panel and with the Linux operating systems. Our offshore VPS are the solution to your offshore hosting plans.

Offshore Vps Hosting : MADDOG currently have one data center in the Netherlands: Atri-Com, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The data centre operates on a 10GB+ backbone powered by a world-class telecommunications infrastructure. De-Cix, Global Crossing, and Rix Port | 80 guarantee a perfect mix for maximum performance.

The servers in the Netherlands operate under the same flexible Terms of Service that the Malaysian servers operate under, and boast some of the best connectivity coupled with flexibility of content. Almost all types of hosting accounts are allowed here, even private FTPs or forums.

Offshore VPS Benefits

Less Downtime & More Control

  • Each offshore VPS comes with a single dedicated IP so you can run your own web, mail or application server.
  • You have full control over the offshore VPS in an isolated environment thus preventing downtime caused by other applications or customers not related to you. This is a perfect solution for businesses which require 100% stability in their web application and emails.

Host Unlimited Websites

  • All Offshore Hosting Solutions offshore VPS plans come with either PLESK/CPANEL and have unlimited domain licenses.
  • You have admin control panel complete with reseller and customer control panel level as well. Are we hearing cheers from startup web hosting companies ? Yes, we are! Join us now !

Gain the Freedom & Beat the Price

  • Why do you need to pay a high price for an offshore dedicated server which you only utilized 10 to 20%?
  • Perhaps your website application is deemed by your current web hosting provider too heavy load for an offshore shared hosting environment ? Free yourself now ! Move to our offshore VPS to enjoy complete freedom at an affordable price.

CPanel/Linux Offshore VPS

Our Offshore VPS hosting provides you with the reliability of our dual-core, Linux offshore dedicated servers, PHP and MySQL databases, and an award winning control panel, via our CPanel control panel. All of MADDOG’s shared Linux hosting plans come with CPanel, anti-virus and spam protection, FTP, email, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL, 24/7 support and more.

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