Offshore Shared Hosting

Offshore Shared Hosting

MADDOG’s offshore shared hosting plans are hosted on dual core servers with 2GB of RAM and are never overstocked. We have a strict no-overselling policy, and all You will always have a fast and responsive website when hosting with OHS. We have researched and hand-picked some of the best sites in the world for offshore hosting for our customers. As with all of our decisions, our customer’s needs are kept in mind, and our choices are made not only on our years of experience in offshore hosting, but extensive research into the offshore hosting industry. All of our offshore hosting is done in quality data centers that have proven track records. Therefore, some companies may beat our prices by banking on new, upstart data centers with no track record, but none can beat our solidity.

Offshore Shared Hosting

Offshore Shared Hosting Locations

Offshore Hosting Malaysia

Offshore Hosting in Malaysia

MADDOG utilizes five (5) data centers in Malaysia to serve your hosting needs there. Our data centers in Tmnet, Jaring, Singnet, Indoset and Cat are all utilizing Teir-1 Internet backbones leased from Tmnet, South East Asia’s largest ISP. All servers hosted in Malaysia fall squarely under Malaysian law for hosting, and have some of the most lenient Terms of Service for hosting that you will find in the hosting industry. Almost all types of hosting accounts are allowed here, even legally questionable content such as private FTPs or forums. Both linking and storage of “warez” material is allowed on our Malaysian servers.

Offshore Hosting in Germany

MADDOG currently has two (2) data centers in Germany: Avaya-Tenovis and Atri-Com, located in Frankfurt, Germany and Munich, Germany, respectively. Both of the German data centers operate on 10GB+ backbones powered by a world-class telecommunications infrastructure. De-Cix, Global Crossing, and Rix Port | 80 guarantee a perfect mix for maximum performance. The servers in Germany operate under the same flexible Terms of Service that the Malaysian servers operate under, and boast some of the best connectivity coupled with flexibility of content.

Offshore Hosting Germany