Our track record in providing offshore Dedicated Servers, Server Co-location and Shared Web Hosting has made us one of the most experience and reliable web hosting company in the world. Our support teams work on 24/7 shifts with REAL 24/7 live phone support and ticketing system. MADDOG owns, operates and maintains all of our dedicated servers, network and other critical network equipment’s. Customers are rest assured that they are dealing directly with us without any third party backup or supports. This direct service channel gives us the advantages of providing reliable, fast and efficient customer support.

With such large customer base, we are able to offer superbly priced offshore hosting packages, offshore dedicated servers, offshore server co-location, domain names, SSL certificates and private email services. We pride ourselves as the only offshore hosting provider who can offer sub USD100 “managed” dedicated servers without any contract. As an offshore corporation, we guarantee 100% privacy protection and security to our customers. Our customers can opt to be anonymous with their identity protected by our private registration system. In addition to this, our offshore incorporation ensures a politically and geographically stable environment with low restrictions making us the best choice for web hosting and dedicated servers.

Most web hosting companies, especially offshore web hosting companies, engage in something called overselling. This means that they sell more space and more bandwidth than they have available on a server. Many of them rationalize this away, saying that not everyone uses all of their space and bandwidth anyway.

We have a problem with this. To begin with, you’re being lied to. It doesn’t take much brains to figure out that 400 people on a server all getting 3000GB of bandwidth doesn’t add up. So why would you even buy a plan that’s a lie?

Anyway, every plan we sell, every byte of storage, every ounce of bandwidth, is premium resources that are available every minute of every day. That means something.

MADDOG has one of the highest web hosting customer retention rates with exponential growth each year. Last year, our servers have reached 500 boxes and we expect to triple that amount this year. Make us your hosting provider today and you will be rest assured that MADDOG provide you with the best in this industry.

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