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Offshore Hosting

Offshore Hosting


Instant Setup
Just Choose Your Preferred Hosting Plan, Place Your Order Then Make Payment And Check Your Email For The Setup And Login Instructions. We Assure You It Takes Minutes To Go Online. Put Your Business Online Is Never Been Easier.
SSD Performance
Offshore Is Server-based SSD It Can Function As A Cache In The Server Or A Persistent Storage, This Way SSD Server Is Essentially An Extremely Fast Scratch Disk For Very Frequently Accessed Data.
High Availability
Our Services Are 99.9% Up Time And To Avoid Any Unhappy Clients Why We Offer Money Back Period Since Our Goal Is To Make Our Clients 100% Happy.
Customer Support 24/7/365
MADDOG Care That’s Why Our Customer Support Is 24/7 And Always Ready To Assist In Solving Your Problem Or Help Answering Your Questions

Offshore Hosting

We are an offshore hosting provider offering anonymous hosting, offshore servers, offshore dedicated servers, and DMCA Ignored hosting. Our offshore web hosting packages are competitive, secure, and most of all, reliable. In the business of hosting offshore, reliability and private offshore security are two of the biggest concerns, and these are two areas in which we excel as an offshore host. Our vision is to provide you a place to host offshore, whether it be offshore domains, offshore hosting, an offshore website, or any combination. We provide complete freedom of expression, and low prices for just about any budget, reliable and secure service, and customer care … not just customer sales.

Offshore Servers

Our offshore servers are all dual core offshore dedicated server systems with 2GB of RAM each. We have a strict no oversell policy, meaning that if every account on our offshore servers used their maximum bandwidth every month, our offshore servers would support them. Most offshore hosting providers seriously oversell their servers, banking that their customers will not use all their bandwidth every month. And most of them get away with it. The problem with this is that not only are they selling you something that you cannot use in most circumstances, but the offshore servers are overloaded, and you end up on an offshore server with hundreds of other accounts and a CPU that is overloaded. We NEVER oversell our servers.

We also have a number of other features that set us apart from the rest of the crowd: our offshore servers are backed up once every 24 hours to an off-site location, including your databases. Our offshore servers are monitored every 5 minutes (we use GET monitoring, which is much more reliable than simply pinging the server) – if a server does not respond to 3 consecutive requests, a request is fired off to the server’s remote reboot port and an SMS message is sent to our tech department to check the server immediately. We care about your uptime, and take pride in having one of the best uptime rates in the industry. All of our servers are security hardened and behind hardware firewalls. And, you have a team that cares.

Privacy is also paramount to us, and no details will be collected from you other than the data that we need to charge you for the service. We don’t care where you live and don’t want your telephone number. We just want to provide the best service.

We look forward to having you as a customer. You can visit our forum to ask any questions that you may have, or simply use the Contact Us form, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.